Your Virtual Holacracy® Coach

The cloud-based platform to support and improve your Holacracy® practice.

Why GlassFrog?

Holacracy Practice Support From Holacracy Experts

Holacracy Habit Lessons

Bite-sized lessons in best Holacracy practices help your team make the leap to self-management.

Clarify expectations

Capture changes in roles and accountabilities as they occur in real-time, virtual Governance Meetings.

Tensions and proposals

Record “Tensions” for Governance and Tactical meetings. Pre-craft and send proposals to improve your team’s workflow and update expectations.

Multi-lingual interface

GlassFrog is available in English, Dutch, French, German, and Polish. More languages are on the way. Contact us to make a request!

Facetime with experts

An hour with a good coach can change everything. Ask questions and get answers from a Certified Holacracy Coach in real time during monthly Office Hours.

Align the team

View your team’s work through transparent projects, metrics, and checklist dashboards.

Real Time Meetings

Follow proposals in real-time as they are drafted and adopted in Governance Meetings. Capture meeting outputs from your team’s operational sync-ups.


Slack integration for governance proposals. Email integration with personal or team-based systems (Omnifocus, ToDo, Asana, Trello). Single sign-on (SAML) integration.

Visualize your org

Navigate your company’s structure to see who does what and who has the information you need to get work done.

Mobile app

With our new app for iOS, you can access GlassFrog on-the-go. Android App coming soon!


Stay up-to-date with your organization’s changes. Select immediate updates or a “daily digest” to minimize e-mail clutter.

My Projects

Add, update, sort, and prioritize ongoing projects by circle, role, date, and outcome.

Who is using GlassFrog?

Precision Nutrition

David Allen Co.



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What is Holacracy?

Holacracy® is a self-management practice for running purpose-driven, responsive companies. By empowering people to make meaningful decisions and drive change, the Holacracy practice unleashes your organization’s untapped power to pursue its purpose in the world.

Holacracy is a trademark of HolacracyOne, LLC.